Sign up today for the MYOB IT Challenge, with a $5,000 prize pool and opportunity to compete with students from across New Zealand and Australia

The competition consists of a preliminary round followed by a finals round all held on online!

Winners of the preliminary rounds will present their ideas to a panel of MYOB judges with the potential to win part of the $5,000 cash prize pool

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At MYOB we’re really excited about the MYOB IT Challenge because innovation and technology are both core to our business success. It’s how we stay ahead, how we provide the new products and services our customers expect. Technology is redefining how people live, work and play, and as students, you have a key role in shaping and defining our future – innovations that we haven’t even envisaged yet.

The MYOB IT Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for students from New Zealand and Australia to showcase their talents and put their learning into action by creating new, real world, IT solutions. This challenge will help you to think from a business perspective, study the market and bring an idea to fruition over a short period of time; just as you’ll do in the best-practice, lean and agile businesses you’ll work for following your graduation.

I encourage you all to give this challenge your best, think outside the box and use the experience to enhance your understanding of how to drive real change, while having some fun along the way. Good luck.

Tim Reed


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